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PCP Burn-Off Ovens

Arrow Industrial Equipment is proud to offer our customers top-of-the-line pollution controlled cleaning furnaces, or burn-off ovens, manufactured by Pollution Control Products, Inc. (PCP). Pollution Control Products Burn-Off ovens cover the entire field of thermal stripping and industrial cleaning.


  • DryCleaning Furnaces for removing relatively small amounts of paint, varnish or other coatings.
  • Controlled Pyrolysis® Furnaces using their patented water mist system to control the rate of emissions coming off the parts being cleaned, thus preventing overheating and allowing the processing of larger quantities of parts and materials to be removed.
  • RateControlled™ Furnaces that sense the rate of heat increase in both the furnace and the afterburner and activate the controlling water mist system to anticipate and prevent over-heating, thus allowing greater quantities of materials to be processed.
  • InertGas™ Furnaces using PCP’s patented control systems, available with optional “melt collectors” allowing for the processing of the maximum quantities possible while providing a maximum level of control over the cleaning process.


Arrow has successfully introduced PCP cleaning solutions to various sectors of the energy industry including rebuilders for butter-fly & gate valves; gas compressor valve & valve seats; glycol pump components; industrial gear reducers; and, blow-out preventers. Partnering a burn-off oven with one of our blasting solutions may be the perfect solution needed to solve your most challenging metal cleaning needs.

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