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Hand Blast Cabinets

Looking for a Hand Blast Cabinet but not sure where to start?


 Arrow Industrial Equipment offers several line of Hand Blast Cabinets. Call us to find the perfect product to fit your own unique metal finishing needs.


Let us introduce you to “Blast-It-All” Hand Blast Cabinets. BIA manufactures a complete line of quality Hand Blast Cabinets at very competitive prices.


“Blast-It-All” Product Lines:

  • Little Blaster™ – Suctions Cabinets ideal for “Hobby Use”
  • The Magnum™ – Suction & Pressure Cabinets perfect for “Low End Production”
  • Blast-It-All® – Suction & Pressure Cabinets designed for “High End Production”


Arrow Industrial Equipment's Newest Addition to our line of Hand Blast Cabinets

RB 4836

Deminsions: 36"D x 48"W X 75"H

Door Opening: Side Doors 30"x30"

Weight: 400 Lbs



RB 5446 w-9000DP

Deminsions: 46"D x 54"W X 81"H

Door Opening: Side Doors 40"x36"

Weight: 450 Lbs



Raptor Blaster products are Made in the USA; high quality; high Performance; powder coated inside and ouside; 14 and 10 gauge steel doors; no riveted seems.

Additional Products offered by Raptor Blastor:

RB 4226, Universal Blasting Station, Collectors & Reclaimers

Arrow Industrial Equipment has another great option, try the TRINCO™ Hand Blast Cabinets. The applications of TRINCO Dry Blast Cabinets are virtually limitless—cleaning, deburring, decorating, def lashing, etching, finishing, honing, peening, etc. Scale, corrosion, old paint and other surface materials are removed in minutes leaving metal surfaces free of foreign matter and contamination.


TRINCO Cabinets can apply the proper abrasive to provide the desired finish for each specific application. Sizes range from 20” to 38” wide; 18” to 25” deep; and inside height of 18” to 36”. TRINCO offers machines that can be loaded from the front or side. Call us for information on the many models available and to discuss your application.

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